FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group develops and distributes one of the world’s leading dental CAM software systems hyperDENT®, which due to its’ modular product structure can be utilized with a myriad of milling machines. hyperDENT generates intricate and complex toolpaths which coupled with advanced core safety mechanisms, offers both a stable and intuitive production process to end users. FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has offices in Berlin, Italy, Korea, Singapore, China, Japan and North America.




We at FOLLOW-ME! incorporate the spirit of innovation and our software is a manifestation of  the art of dental engineering. This is our core, and it pushes us to strive to remain at the forefront of technology, by continuing to develop and deliver performance-based products that encapsulate industry leading milling algorithms.  We back this up by providing second-to-none world-class support to our customers on a global basis.  This has afforded us the ability to expand threefold in only a few years, and we now have offices in 3 continents with a worldwide network.   Our global presence benefits our customers by giving them access to leading technologies and leading support, by industry leading minds.  Connecting these key elements, our customers can leverage our strength and remain competitive no matter where in the world they are based.



Werner Schwenkert

FOLLOW-ME! Technology was founded in 2007 by Werner Schwenkert.

Almost 15 years prior, Schwenkert founded OPEN MIND, which is today one of the world’s largest CAD/CAM software developers. Schwenkert, however began to realize that milling for the dental market required somewhat of a tailored approach, and therefore saw a requirement to develop dedicated dental software, in conjunction with dental technicians. The company today, now known as FOLLOW-ME! Technology group has now been acquired by Werner’s son, Dr. Ferdinand Schwenkert, and technical developer, Günter Linseis who have for the last several years been working to expand the company’s’ distribution and development on a global scale.

Ferdinand Casual1

Dr. Ferdinand Schwenkert



Our Mission

To remain at the forefront of dental CAM technology by means of continual development and preempting future needs

To provide second to none support to our customers, ensuring step by step guidance no matter where in the world they may be

To educate our customers so that they may utilize every mechanism to execute a smooth workflow process that is both time and cost efficient

To continue to develop a worldwide network. Expanding and strengthening our distribution and support channels

Our Values

We’re leading the way in the development of innovative technologies, hand in hand with our customers and partners

Our company values form the basis of our operation. We strive to be technological leaders, to spread knowledge, as well as to lead on service.

For FOLLOW-ME!, being a technological leader means 100% quality on established functionalities and continual progress on innovative functionalities.

For FOLLOW-ME!, spreading knowledge means: We do not hold back information relevant to users in order to sell it to them later (e.g. by creating individualized templates for customers). Instead, we give our customers an understanding of this through regular training sessions, allowing them to work independently.

For FOLLOW-ME!, being a leader in customer service means: We invest intensively in our customer service, making our customers’ problems our problems, solving them together.

Our Market

FOLLOW-ME!: the preferred  CAM partner from dental laboratories to milling centers

Dental customers are different: –and we account for that with a dual market approach.

We approach small and mid-sized labs with an interest in desktop machines in an indirect manner. We do this through our partnerships with machinetool companies and system integrators. These companies bundle hyperDENT with one of their machines and sell this as a package to dental laboratories.

On the other hand, we approach milling centers in a direct manner. These companies mainly invest in industrial machinetools and prefer to source their dental CAM solutions directly from CAM suppliers.



As a fast-growing company, FOLLOW-ME! is always on the look-out for forward thinkers and independent workers.

Below, you will find our current vacancies. If you cannot find your desired vacancy and would like us to keep you in mind, please feel free to send us your CV.

We are recruiting:

Product Development Software Developer

 Support and Service Technician



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